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Since the acquisition of PasswordBox into Intel Security, we’ve been hard at work building some pretty amazing things to change the way the world logs in. As one of our current PasswordBox customers, we wanted you to be among the first to hear about the brand new product that we are developing. It combines the technologies and innovations of PasswordBox and Intel Security together.

Meet True Key™, the easier, safer way to unlock your digital world. As you may hear from the news coming out of CES, True Key is being debuted in a limited release form, and will be generally available later this year.

So I’m sure you might be thinking…

What is True Key?

Well, True Key takes the things you love about PasswordBox and couples them with some really smart identity technology from Intel Security to build one brand new product. With True Key – YOU are the password. Instead of relying on only a master password, unlock your apps, websites and devices using things unique to you, things like your facial features – the distance between your eyes and nose – or the devices you own. Once your unique features are recognized, you will be able to seamlessly login to your devices and move easily across the web without having to constantly remember your passwords. From there, True Key helps make your current passwords stronger, remembers them and instantly logs you in, so you don’t have to. You’ll have more control over your digital life, and the ability to protect it with customizable factors that are unique, just like you.

How to be a part of True Key?

As a PasswordBox user, you don’t need to do anything – your spot is already reserved when True Key will be released to the general public. Your PasswordBox subscription will remain as-is for now, so we hope you continue to enjoy your 6 months of free Premium service, courtesy of Intel Security. If however, you’d like early access to True Key to try it out and to give us feedback, you can request an invite with a different email address than what you use with PasswordBox at

There is much more to come:

This is only the beginning. We’ll be sharing many more details in the next few months as we continue to develop True Key. If you’re in Las Vegas – you can come visit us and see True Key being demoed live at CES.

If you want to see True Key in action – check out the USA Today live demo.

Follow Intel Security on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.


The Future Is Bright: PasswordBox Joins Intel Security

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 18 months since we launched PasswordBox to the world in June 2013. Since then, our team has grown from eight full-time employees to 44 today. We raised some funding, acquired a company, won major industry awards in Sin City and the Big Apple, moved in to a beautiful office, and added loads of new features and supported devices. We also introduced innovative technologies like Legacy Locker, secure password sharing and 1-Tap Login to apps and websites for mobile phones, allowing apps to communicate with each other for the first time.

And we’re just getting started.

That’s why we are excited to officially announce that we are joining Intel Security, a global leader in secure technology. We share a common mission – to enrich the lives of our users, and make each user’s online experience as secure and seamless as possible. Now, with the expertise, resources and support of Intel Security behind us, the possibilities of what we can build tomorrow – and how many people’s lives we can positively impact – are extraordinary.

To our 14 million downloaded users, from everyone at Team PasswordBox, “Thank You” doesn’t even come close to expressing our gratitude. You’ve trusted us to manage your digital lives, shared your feedback and ideas, and let us know how using PasswordBox has improved your daily lives.

Thank you.

I’m sure you have questions, so we’ve answered a few below, and if you don’t find your answer there, please send us an email at [email protected]

What happens next?

First, be sure to follow Intel Security on Twitter, Google+ & Facebook so you don’t miss out on cool product news and upcoming announcements (we’ve got a lot in store for the next few months)!

PasswordBox and Intel Security are working through the plans for all the exciting things we will do together.  For now, your PasswordBox will remain available as is, and as a gift, Intel Security is offering all new and existing customers a premium subscription at no cost, until the release of a new product from Intel Security. Enjoy access to all of the PasswordBox features and additional storage space during this time. Think of it as a thank you for your support while we look to the exciting next chapter.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on the exciting things we’re working on together.

Need support? Starting today, the team dedicated to our customers is bigger than ever, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is backed by the power and expertise of Intel Security. Learn more here.

From all of us in Team PasswordBox, to all of you,


For all press inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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PasswordBox for iOS 8 Has Landed! Now Available in the App Store!

Hey friends, great news! The new PasswordBox app for iOS 8 is available in the App Store! (Get it now, right here!) Our team has been working hard to put the finishing touches on a couple of time-saving features that you’re going to want to start using right away – the Safari Extension and TouchID support. 

After downloading the iOS 8 PasswordBox app, please follow the steps below to activate the PasswordBox Extension for Safari, so you can quickly and easily log in to your accounts without typing out your usernames and passwords.

iOS 8 For PasswordBox

Watch our video tutorial here:

With the new app, you can also use TouchID in place of a PIN code to secure your PasswordBox app – so you, and only you – can access the info you need with the touch of a finger.

That’s enough talking – you probably want to give it a try for yourself, so grab the free app update right here!

What You Should Know About Sharing a Password

PasswordBox Sharing

When it comes to password sharing, you may put yourself in one of two camps: the first being those who never, ever share a password no matter what and the second being those who share passwords here, there and everywhere with no way to track who has what. For this second group, they have the additional trouble of not being able to unshare a password either. (Do you really want that grumpy ex-boyfriend messaging your Facebook friends?) The reality is that most of us live somewhere in the middle of these two camps. According to this Mashable article, 59% of couples share passwords with their partners – and the percentage of password sharing is even higher for those in long-term relationships. So, we are sharing our passwords – at least with our significant others, and probably family and co-workers too – so how can we share passwords without putting our digital identity at risk? 

Happily, we have a tool that makes password sharing simple – and yes, it puts the control of your data where it belongs, with you. PasswordBox Secure Sharing offers a safe, reliable way to share your passwords while still remaining in control of your data. Read on for a few things to remember when you need to click ‘Share’:

*Use a Unique Password 

Using a unique, for-one-account-only password is one of the best things you can do to protect your online accounts. Why? Because you probably use the same username, or email address, on multiple accounts. If those accounts also have the same password, then anyone with those two pieces of information could try logging in to popular sites across the internet – like Facebook or Gmail or PayPal – to see if you have an account there. This is really important when you’re sharing a password – you want to give the person you’re sharing with access to that ONE account, not the keys to your entire digital kingdom. (Plus, our Password Generator makes it easy to create new, strong, unique passwords for everything.)

*Share With Trusted Contacts 

Obvious? Perhaps. But so important that it’s still worth mentioning. Don’t share passwords with people you wouldn’t also trust with your house key, and don’t accept shared passwords from anyone you don’t know.

*Better (Digital) Property Management 

With PasswordBox, you’ll never wonder who has access to which accounts – and you can choose whether the password remains hidden or can be seen by the person you’re sharing with. Sharing is also a great tool for collaboration – from shared family photo galleries, to providing needed login details to a new employee on their first day. (Here’s a few more tips for using PasswordBox in your small business.)

If you ever need to change a shared password, that change automatically syncs to everyone it’s been shared with so you can avoid sending passwords through email. And if you need to stop sharing, that’s easy too – and can be done in the browser extension or on the PasswordBox mobile apps for iOS & Android.

*Good Housekeeping 

Once you no longer need to share an account with someone, it’s a good practice to stop sharing and then update the password. Even though you’re only sharing with people that you trust, you’ll still want to make sure that your accounts are secured properly – and updating the password is a fast, recommended step for added piece of mind.

So, the next time you need to share a password – whether it’s with Legacy Locker for your digital legacy planning, or sharing the family Netflix account with college-bound kids or even providing your home’s wifi password to a houseguest – you’ll have a tool that helps you do that with a minimum of effort and greater peace of mind.

Free Gift With(out) Purchase : Introducing PasswordBox Rewards!


Running out of password storage spaces in your PasswordBox? Want a few easy ways to earn more space, while impressing your friends with your tech-savvy know-how? We’ve got you covered with PasswordBox Rewards!

With Rewards, you can earn extra storage space in your PasswordBox by completing simple actions. Take your pick!


friendsInvite Your Friends

Don’t keep a good thing a secret! Tell your friends about PasswordBox and get a free password space for every friend you invite. Once 5 friends sign up, you’ll get a PasswordBox Premium Subscription! (Bonus tip! Inviting your friends adds them to your contact list, so you’ll easily be able to share passwords with them or name them as your Legacy Locker contact.)

Get Social

Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ about how much you enjoy using PasswordBox and earn 1 free password space. Use our pre-written text or craft your own!

(Smart!) Password Sharing Made Simple

Still sharing passwords by scribbling them on a scrap of paper? Oh noes! We’ve got a better way. Give Secure Sharing a spin by sharing a password with someone you trust and earn an extra space. PasswordBox Sharing is protected by our patented end-to-encryption, so your passwords remain secure – and if you ever need to change that password, the updated password syncs to everyone you’re sharing it with. Learn even more about sharing here.


legacyPlan for Your Digital Legacy (it’s easier & quicker than it sounds!)

PasswordBox is the first to allow you to ‘bequeath’ your online account passwords to someone you trust, if something should ever happen to you. Assign a Legacy Locker contact today to earn an additional space. (Please note: Your beneficiary must complete process before additional storage is applied to your account.) Learn more about Legacy Locker here.


rateReview Us!

Enjoy using the PasswordBox extension for Chrome? Help others discover PasswordBox (and earn additional space) by writing a review in the Chrome Store.


mobilePasswordBox Everywhere. It’s that simple.

Did you know that you can download free PasswordBox to all your devices? Grab our award-winning mobile app for iOS & Android devices, or get the extension for Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera & Firefox. Adding PasswordBox to another device earns you a free password space – and with automatic syncing, you’ll always have your passwords when you need them.



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Follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook (or do both for the two-fer!) Stay in touch on social media for the latest tips, tricks and updates from Team PasswordBox and earn an extra space. And while you’re over there, be sure to say hello – we love hearing from our users!


heartFeedback – You’ve Got It, We Want It

We want to make sure that PasswordBox meets your needs, so we’re offering additional space if you share your feedback on our service with us. Tell us what you love, features you’d like to see and things that don’t work as well as you’d like them to. We read every email sent to us, so keep the comments coming!


starUpgrade Your Account (the only non-free option!)

If you’re in a rush and need more storage space fast, upgrade to PasswordBox Premium today for $1.99/month or $11.99/year.


…and there you have it, lots of new ways to add additional space to your PasswordBox without spending a dime. Ready to get started? Click here to begin adding extra free space to your account nowRewards is now rolling out to users of the Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox extensions and the Android mobile app. Coming very soon to iOS. 

Have a question or comment about PasswordBox Rewards? Let us know! Send us your feedback by email or connect with us on Facebook & Twitter!

*PasswordBox Rewards is available for new or freemium users, those with Premium accounts can use the Rewards tools, but won’t receive additional space for completing tasks. (You will learn about some of the awesome features though!)

Using PasswordBox to Protect Your Digital Identity


If you’ve been following PasswordBox for a while, you’ve probably heard us mention the term ‘digital identity’. It’s an idea that we think about a lot, so that our users can think about it less. But what is a digital identity? And how can you best protect yours?

‘Digital Identity’ is you, online. At least, that’s the idea. Passwords and usernames are part of your Digital Identity, and so are your social profiles, email accounts, online services and cloud storage – basically anything and everything you own online. That all makes up your digital identity. But how do all those sites online know that you’re you? On the vast majority of the world’s websites, you access your own account by entering a username and password. Those two pieces of information are part of your digital identity, and you should treat them as you would the key to your home’s front door. When you go through the login process, the system recognizes that you have the necessary credentials – the correct username and password – and grants you access to the account. Simple enough, but what happens if your username and password are stolen? To put it another way, how does the front door know that you’re not the one holding the house key?

Recent advancements in using biometrics to prove that you’re you – like the Apple TouchID and Samsung fingerprint readers, and Nymi’s PasswordBox-compatible, ‘login with your heartbeat’ bracelet – have given us a glimpse into how we may manage our digital identities going forward. We may still need to enter a username and password, but we’ll have the added protection of a biometric factor as another layer of protection.

By it’s very nature, ‘digital’ identity has been a difficult thing to prove, and the system can be easily tricked by someone who is holding the necessary information. That why we continuously recommend practices like using long, strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and changing them periodically. It’s also why we encourage users to change their passwords when they hear of a breach on a site that they use. And it’s why we’re always looking for better ways to help you protect your digital identity, while still being able to browse and enjoy the internet with ease.

Have questions about managing your digital identity? Leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

*NEW* Simple Sharing with the PasswordBox Android App

Our Android team has been at it again – adding awesome new features to the PasswordBox mobile app that make it even easier to manage your digital stuff. With the latest update of the Android app, you can now ‘Share’ data directly to your PasswordBox.

Whether you’re in Maps, Contacts, Mail or surfing the web on your device’s browser, tap Share and search for ‘Add to PasswordBox’ on the menu. If it’s a URL, PasswordBox will prompt you to add the related username and password so you can save it as a new password asset. If it’s text, such as a street address or the combination to your gym locker, you’ll be directed to a new ‘Safe Note’ where you can add any other relevant information before saving it.

Here’s a few photos so you can see Share in action:

BLOG_Share_Menu Image

BLOG_Share URL from Browser

BLOG_Share URL Asset Entry

This is a brand new addition to the Android app, so we hope you take it for a test drive and let us know what you think! Leave a comment below, or connect with us on Facebook & Twitter. Don’t have the app yet? Grab it today from the Play Storeit’s free! 

Oh Hey, PasswordBox is One Today!

Just one short year ago, we launched PasswordBox to the world – can you believe it?!? We’ve reached a lot of amazing milestones in the past 365 days, and there’s so much more to come.

Thank you for your support & for being part of the PasswordBox community!

We couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done this without you. :)

Team PasswordBox

PasswordBox Girl

Return of the Mac: PasswordBox Now Supports Safari & Opera Browser



Great news for Safari & Opera users! PasswordBox for Safari is back by popular demand! We’re actively developing the Safari browser extension, so you’ll see some new features popping up in the next few weeks. And, for the first time ever, PasswordBox will be supported in Opera browser!

To install PasswordBox on your browser, please visit using the browser you’d like to install the browser extension on. Just click the large green ‘Download’ button to start the process. (It’s lighting fast!) Once installed, you’ll be able to create a PasswordBox account or sign in to your existing account to get instant access to the data you’ve already stored there through one of our other browser extensions or our mobile apps.

Please Note: Opera is now available for download from the official Opera Store here.

That’s right, now you can securely access your PasswordBox account on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers. You can also use PasswordBox for free on your Android, Kindle Fire & iOS devices. Never get caught without the information you need when you need it, and with so many services supported, there’s no more excuses!

One more time, here’s those links:

Get PasswordBox for Opera right here!

Get PasswordBox for Safari over here!

Are you using PasswordBox for Safari or Opera? We’d love to hear your feedback! Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter or leave a comment below.