Official PasswordBox Zombie Contingency Plan


Dear PasswordBox Users,

Following in the footsteps of the Canadian government’s official statement regarding a Zombie Apocalypse and after a great deal of discussion with our legal team and the world’s pre-eminent Zombie experts, we have developed a contingency plan in the event of a global Zombie outbreak. As many of our users choose to use the PasswordBox Legacy feature, which allows for the secure transfer of a user’s assets to a pre-determined ‘digital heir’ in the event of the user’s death, there have been many questions as to how we would manage these Legacy transfers should a Zombie outbreak occur. Or to put it bluntly, how dead does one have to be for the Legacy transfer to take place? As Miracle Max would say, MOSTLY dead or all dead?

It is our official policy that – just like a regular legacy transfer request – we must have a verified copy of the death certificate, even in the case that the user in question has become one of the undead.

IF you believe that a friend or loved one has become a zombie/undead, please report their ‘transition’ as soon as humanly possible to the local coroner’s office. They will provide you with a death certificate, which must be on official letterhead. We will not be accepting handwritten death certificates. In the event that the local authorities cannot be contacted to verify the death certificate, we cannot and will not trigger the transfer of assets at that time. We will contact them again after the outbreak has been contained, and provided that the internet is functioning, we will trigger the asset transfer once they validate the death certificate.

IF you are unable to obtain a death certificate because the government offices or public services in your area are closed/unstaffed/overrun by hordes of zombies, please try to keep the undead contained in a secure area as proof of their ‘transition’ until those offices are open again and you can obtain an official certificate. Do your best to keep them in good shape, as this will make the identification process much easier. At the very least, try to keep one of their hands on hand for fingerprint identification. (This is also helpful if you’re trying to access their iPhone 5S.) For more information on securely storing your undead, please view season two of AMC’s The Walking Dead in its entirety for tips on what NOT to do.

We assume that should this outbreak occur, we will be receiving an incredibly large volume of death certificates. As each will need to be individually verified, we ask for your patience during the process. It is likely that at least some of our team members will be affected, so we will probably be running a skeleton crew and will need extra time to process the back log.

Thank you, and have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. Hello,
    Would like to have PASSWORD BOX in my computer. I was once a member , and now have a new computer, and I cannot remember my password. Not even sure of my Email address, but I will use the one above.
    Thank you

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