79 comments on “Introducing PasswordBox 1-Tap Instant Login for Android!

  1. This is the slowest application I have ever tried!
    In fact it never opened (and I have tried severak times). So I had to delete it.

    For your information

  2. Nicht nur diese, sondern auf den meisten Websites funkt. der Auto – Login nicht ?!?
    Oder ich muss mir das mit dem
    “1-Click – Login” nochmal anschauen, da ich bisher BN und PW manuell eingeben musste !?!
    cul8er Martin

  3. I have tried to contact you before and still have not heard back
    I must be doing something wrong since password box is not helping me on my IPhone 5.
    I would appreciate some help

    • Hi Richard, my apologies for the delayed response -we’re receiving a higher volume of support tickets and trying to answer them as quickly as we can. I’ll have them look into your ticket today and get back to you. Thanks for your patience!

  4. Trying to install 1-tap on iPad IOS 7.1 and asks for passcode. When I use master passcode it tells me it is incorrect. Is there an explanation? Thanks

    • Hi Paul! The passcode that it’s requesting is the passcode/pincode used to protect your tablet – please let me know after you’ve tried that if you’re still having any issues :) Thanks!

  5. I use this on my Chrome browser, my mobile and on my tablet. It’s really useful.
    Just one suggestion: sometines I got thinking if someone that don’t have my permission (stoled/lost phone..) use this for access all my accounts?

  6. ([email protected] thank you for reading my request and complying with my request. i need to speak with a customer service associate, person to pewrson, mot an automaterd application that has to few data, and response values, hese applications are no where close to being [profisionate at their entended perpose to help customers automated customer support is much to in it’s begining stages to be helpful with spewcific questions and resolving customer issues or transfering a customer to a live pperson that cn resolve your issue. thank you. respectfully allen west user / customer. you offered this service not it is csausing my system issues andlocking mt out of ssing-in applications and web sites, ( not good!!).ansd your issue that is causing me ghreat diffuculities.

  7. Will it pick up my passwords from my chrome extension, or will I have to recreate them all and transfer the data when I change them on one or the other?

  8. As help requested has not being replied let me expose the problem once again
    After using Password box to open my webpage through it I’m not able to administer the page now requesting user and password on control panel which is not normal, and referring that to the control panel
    Could you help us on that regard?

    • Hi Santiago, yes it definitely sounds like something isn’t working properly! I’ll look for your support ticket and respond to you via that email. Sorry for the delay!

    • Hi Jeff! We don’t support Windows Phone yet, but it’s something our team is looking in to adding. Will share here when I have an update! :)

  9. I no longer have access to my own G-mail accounts, have been hacked repeatedly by people in at least three European nations, and all this since I started using your service. I can no longer get into my own G-mail accounts now because I’ve had to change that password too often, will probably have to create new accounts to use and re-establish contacts and connections with over 1.5 million globally, and all this indirectly or directly owing to your program. Please assist; thank you.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for getting in touch. In addition to helping users with daily password management across their desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, we also offer unique features like Legacy Locker for passing on your online accounts and 1-Tap login on mobile. You can add PasswordBox to all your devices for free, and automatic syncing means that you’ll always have the information you need. (And it’s free to use for a limited storage account, so you can give it a try and see how you like it :) Hope you’ll share your feedback with us!

    • Hi Florin, yes, the app is currently available for only Android and iOS devices. WP support is a very popular request, but is not yet on our roadmap. I’ll post here when I have more information on that – thanks for your interest!

  10. Hello,

    I have an issue on my Galaxy Note 3 : when i activate Function : 1-TAP INSTANT LOGIN, then i can not change the languages in the Galaxy Keybord, for example : i have set 2 languages on my Galaxy Note 3 for keyboard : english and german, after activating the 1 tab function , have i only one language !!
    plz resolve the problem.

    i like your App really very much !!

    Kind Regards


  11. Hi! I really like the 1 tap password access to my applications. However when I enable this feature I am no longer able to toggle to other languages on my samsung galaxy keyboard. Am I doing something wrong or is the functionality of the 1tap password feature limited at this time?

    • Hi Chana, thanks so much for sharing your feedback – we really appreciate it! Right now there are some limitations on the 1-Tap functionality, but we are actively developing this feature, so you’ll see many improvements in the next few weeks – specifically for Samsung devices. I’ll forward your comment about the keyboard language issue to our Android dev team and see if they can get a fix for that in the next release. :)

  12. Je recois sans cesse des avertissements sur mon portable (android)
    “demander de l’assistance concernant une application. Comment je désactive ça?


  13. hi i m Debasish
    i install passwordbox in my gionee m2 (android 4.2.2)
    it works properly
    now i face 1 problem
    i eneble 1 tap login option
    but when i try to login in facebook or any shopping app
    it can not show any popup messege
    which you show on your 1 tap login video
    thats why i cant login any app in 1 tap automatically
    sometime it shows automatic login is not available….

    please help….!

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